Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 8...effective

And now we begin week 2.

Down another .8 lbs., bringing the grand total to 9.8 lbs. Not bad.

Last night was my first real case of the "frungries."* I wanted to eat anything and everything. Settled on my second piece of fruit for the day...a tad late (I was working until 9:00 p.m. - not supposed to eat after 7:00 or 8:00 p.m., I can never remember)...but no matter. A long day deserved a little treat...broiled grapefruit with a smattering of cinnamon & stevia sprinkled on top. Then 5 mins in the hot box does it...juicy and different.

And though I was still a little peckish, I opted for a good book and bed. Am I exhibiting superwoman feats of willpower or what?

Which brings us to this morning. As I mentioned, my dreaded monthly visit has reigned it's lovely vermilion vileness on me...and without the HCG, I'm feeling the challenge. Showing me, just a mere eight days in, this will not be a cake (yummmm, c...a...k...e!) walk, but I will persevere...we Irish are a plucky lot, don't you know.

Duty (and the IRS) calls, I must finish and file my taxes by the, work, work!

Be and eat well,

Jane Doh!

* whaddya think it means? Friggin' hungry.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 7...effective

Well, well...well.

Guess who's down 9 lbs. and minus 10"? Oh yeah. 2.75" from my waist, alone. This HCG works...forget it's complicated name...I now christen it: getting-results-and-getting-'em-now!

I find I'm actually getting greedy with the weight loss. Was down a mere .9 lbs. this morning and was, quite frankly, a little miffed...particularly since I was exceptionally good yesterday, despite lunch out and meeting pals for cocktails (okay, they had cocktails, I had water...with lemon, though, so it was still really special).

My friend (and I use that term oh-so-loosely) is due in a few days, which means no is rumored that my body will produce enough HCG during the heaviest days...hmmmm, we'll see. Of course I'll share all the gory details.

Speaking of the aforementioned "friend"...I shared my preferred method of protection with my gal-pal at lunch yesterday (well, hell, this is the stuff we girlie girls talk about...well, isn't it?)...but I digress. Anyway, she'd never heard of it. Sooooo, thought I'd bring it up here.

Having never been overly successful with the ol' pontoon (ah, for those who never met Drusilla Lemonjello, it's what her college house mother (yes, she was in college when there were house mothers) called tampons...after I stopped howling at that visual, it's what I've called them since)...anyway, so when the wicked cool, but somewhat messy Instead came along, I was all over it.

What is Instead, you ask? It is basically a diaphragm-type collector that you can't feel, doesn't leak and you can leave it in for 12 hours. Though, I highly recommend removing it in the shower. I've tried otherwise and the bathroom ends up looking like a murder scene. If I disappeared and CSI ever came Anyway, that's my free plug for the day.

Back to the diet...about to have lunch...gulf white shrimp, steamed with cabbage and fresh lemon. Talk about awesomey* defined!

Photo shoot tonight, then it's on to the weekend.

Be and eat well,

Jane Doh!

*credit due to sweet William for my new favorite word.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 6 effective update...lunch at Burton's was diet friendly. My lunchmate scored 1 1/2 gulf shrimp. And I ate well.

Dinner, tho, was over the top. My own extra lean beef chopped in the processor to hamburger consistency.

Steamed/sauteed a whole onion (heated about 2 tbl. Of H2O in a non-stick pan) with Greek seasoning until tender and just starting to brown. Add hamburger, breaking up. Comes out like a steak and cheese (sans cheese, of course). Yummy.

Feeling beyond fantastic and can't get over it. I wouldn't say this protocol is's not. But the results are so gratifying, it makes sticking to it that more satisfying.

Weigh-in (as usual) and first week's measurements tomorrow.

Day 6...effective

Down another pound for a total of 8.1. I am dazzling myself!

Challenge today, to a business lunch at Burton's Grill...will likely give the chef a run for his money on the whole ordering thing, but hey, I'm committed to making this work.

And, found another huge sex drive is through the roof! Twice this morning...what is up with that? Oh, wait...I

Interesting...woke up for the first time a little hungry. Had my coffee (with my allowed single tablespoon of milk (thank the lord for that)) and that did the trick, but odd to get some pangs now. Everything I've read mentions the first few days being tough...probably just me...I never seem to follow the bell curve.

As I watch the pounds slip away, I can't help but see myself in some of my more fabulous thin clothes...that sweet LBD, the silk polka-dot number and, of course, the jeweled colored velvet sheath. Best of all, my girlie-girl heels (which I never stopped wearing, even at my heaviest) are so much more comfortable.

It's all good, as am I.

Eat and be well,

Jane Doh!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 5 effective update...actually finishing the day 19 calories below 500. Not trying to (usually 20-30 cals over), just worked out that way. And, yes, I'm not hungry! 5

...Day 5 "effective," that is.

Here's the skinny (well, not yet), so I'm doing it...the whole HCG diet "thang"...500 calories a day (easier than it sounds) drinking (not as bad as I expected)...overall life change (about time).

Things to know: I'm 5'0" (5'1" on a big hair day); 48-years-old (or 29 and 231 months); started at 196.7 (hence the pseudonym); and a mere five days in, I am down 7.1 lbs. Plus, I feel great.

Not familiar with HCG? It's human chorionic Gonadtrophin...the hormone baby mamas produce that diverts nutrients and such to the growing lil' one. And don't ask me how to pronounce it either...all I know is it works. I'm not hungry and the pounds are quickly slipping away.

As I understand it, the whole idea is to reset your metabolism through a defined, short-term dieting effort (no more than 40 days, no less than 20 on the HCG).

Short story of how it works: you stuff your cake hole for 2 fabulous days with any and everything (the more fattening the better) while starting the HCG drops (6 times a day, under the tongue). Day 3 you begin the 500 very low calorie diet (VLCD) selections of fruit, veggies and protein (2 fruit, reasonable amounts of veggies, 7 oz. protein (2 servings of 3.5 oz.)).

Plus you need to drink at least 68 oz. of H2O everyday. Take measurements at start; weigh yourself every morning (after a piddle and sans clothing). Keep a log of this info too, cuz' seeing the numbers drop is great motivation.

For all the details, read the founder's protocol here ( a quick search of "HCG" doesn't hurt either.

What I can't get over is my energy level and, for lack of a better word, just a general feeling of euphoria. Not sure if it's the hormone or pride in losing weight.

Anyway, trying to get creative with prepping the limited food items...particularly fond of steamed shrimp and spinach with greek seasonings. I'm also forcing myself not to drop out of my social life just because I'm dieting.

Call me a masochist, but I'm still going to bars and restaurants...I am, after all, the consummate social bunny. I'm just drinking lots of seltzer and doing my best Meg-Ryan-in-the-deli scene from "When Harry Met Sally."

No, not that one...but more than a few people have said, "I'll have what she's having" when they see my special-order dish! My favorite Asian restaurant in NH – Ocean Wok – makes me a steamed lunch portion of shrimp (6...I eat 4 and give two to my honey) with cabbage, onion and celery. A little lemon juice, lots of hot tea and I'm living large. And in no time, that will be figuratively speaking versus literally!

I'll keep you posted.

Eat and be well.

Jane Doh!