Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stabilization...Day 109

Just .2 lbs away from hitting a new decade...the 50s, no less. Haven't seen that era in over seven years! Wow!

Feeling a little out of sorts...almost like I'm hungover, but I know that is not it as I haven't been drinking...must be the weather pattern...high and low pressures can wreak havoc with me.

Short update today...when I hit the 50s, my blog will be the first place I come to celebrate.

Eat and be well,

Jane Doh!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stabilization...Day 107 about pushing buttons!

Was roaming the web and found an interesting dialogue on't resist posting to are my two cents...

I did it...once...using the homeopathic drops...started October 1, 2009...finished a 42-day protocol on Nov. 15...down an amazing 25.3 lbs.; 32.75" lost overall (7" in my waist alone). Since finishing, I've slowly and carefully worked in new foods; hang out around 1400 calories a day (as suggested per my BMR) and engage in moderate exercise...10,000 steps a day, minimum. As of today, March 1, 2010, I'm 107 days post HCG and I'm down a total of 34.9 lbs.; 47" overall (9" at the waist to a figure flattering 34.5").

With the exception of a little hand cramping (nothing a multivitamin with potassium or magnesium didn't take care of), I had no obvious side effects. I. Followed. The. Diet Without.

Fail. No cheats, no nothing. Buck up, it's for 42 days, no different than Lent, really (if you're Catholic, you know what I'm talking about).

My biggest realization has been that I. Can. Not. Eat. What. I. Want. Nope. So, I've cut out all whites (sugar, bread, pasta, ice cream, etc.) and I've significantly cut back on drinking...maybe a glass or two of champagne with my sweetie or an occasional martini (the real kind, not one with all sorts of mixers...wicked sugar content in those). Good news is, though, I don't crave the things I used to like...for example, I once loved a good red or white more. Doesn't even taste pleasant to me. And as for champagne, it must be exceptionally dry.

Here's the real key for me...HCG helped me drop a fair amount of weight quickly...and I needed that for motivation and such. It also helped me drop weight in my fattiest areas...waist (as I mentioned, 9" as of today), thighs (-3" each one), belly (-7.5")...thankfully though, not in my cup size (but I did lose 5.7" in my chest...mostly back flab). But most importantly, HCG has helped me to change my relationship with food.

I count every calorie (the iPhone has great apps for that), track my weight each morning, continue to drink in excess of 1 gallon of H2O everyday (yes, I keep track of every ounce) and I now always choose fresh fruit/veggies, protein or a small amount (5-10) of raw almonds/walnuts as the snack of choice.

Long way of saying, I've realized eating healthy and maintaining a safe weight is a day-to-day effort. So, I'm not saying "never" to foods I once loved, I just say "not today" and move on.

I kept a blog about my efforts (with recipe ideas and such)...I still write in it, but not as frequently...feel free to take a look:

Good luck, eat and be well!

Jane Doh!