Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stabilization...Day 159

Arrgh...I appear to be stuck in a never-ending loop of down to my lowest weight (-45) to only -43 lbs. It's a 2-pound limbo I can't seem to budge out of...again, I lament...ARRRRRGHH!

Couple this with the official start of period since Feb. 26...and were I to be on schedule, it is due tomorrow...which could explain water retention, et al. Who knows.

I do know that it is more than annoying to stay true to my healthy lifestyle and actually have days where I gain weight! I ask, What. Is. Up. With. That?

And, yes, I understand it's most likely water weight or a case of "failure to eliminate," but I repeat, What. Is. Up. With. That?

Bottom line? I'll press on because in the end, it's all good.

Eat and be well, my little possums!

Jane Doh!