Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stabilization...Day 314...142.2 (-1.1 lbs.)

Down another pound plus.

Had a big event at Boston's Symphony Hall last night. Knowing that food that I choose to eat would not be available, I prepared grilled chicken, sliced veggies (celery, carrots, radishes), one green apple and a tasty nut treat sack (3 tbls of my own mix of raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, dried cherries, dried cranberries, raisins and dark chocolate bits...just 140 calories per serving and a really yummy treat...but stick to only 3 tbls!). Powered back well over 160 ounces of H20, but failed to consume more than a 1000 calories for the day. Not happy about that, but I did the best I could.

Today, however, is off to a good start.

Enjoyed 1/4 cup dry serving of steel cut oatmeal (150 cals.), 15 dried cherries (45 cals.), 1 tbl of light cream (30 cals.), mixed with cinnamon and stevia. Yummy and very filling. I'll have an apple around 11:00, then plan on a late lunch (I have meetings during the typical lunch hour).

My honey wants to have dinner out tonight, so to stay true to my regimen, I'm thinking a nice piece of salmon...grilled, naked...along with steamed broccoli. Always diet friendly and really delish!

That's it for today's missive.

Eat and be well,

Jane Doh!