Friday, November 5, 2010

Stabilization...Day 357...142.5 (-.7 lbs.)

Still hovering 2-4lbs below my goal weight. A couple of pals have wondered how I'm doing this...particularly since maintaining a weight loss is often harder (All. Those. Tempting. Food. Choices!) than actually dieting (Structure. Is. In. Fact. Good!).

First, I check my BMR (basal metabolic rate...the amount of calories you burn even if you were to lay in bed all day ( about every three months...technically I can eat 1331 calories each day without gaining weight. I just opt to stick to 1300! Smile.

And yeah, the choice to permanently cut out bread, sugar, pasta, starchy veg/fruit, beer and wine (but not my occasional glass of bubbly or dry martini!) is a good and healthy lifestyle change brought about because of HCG truly recalibrating my relationship with food.

Not only do I not crave these things, but with the exception of the rare treat of really good pizza (and, yes, I gain a few pounds when I eat that...and, yes, it takes a good 3-4 days to lose that weight...again!), the other stuff doesn't even taste good anymore.

Couldn't feel better and look the best I have in forever.

It's funny, but I've become so attuned with my body that there are many social occasions where I just will not eat. No matter how hungry I am (tho I always keep a little baggie of nuts and dried fruit in my purse to be safe), I have no problem telling someone, "You enjoy. I don't eat bread/sugar/processed stuff!"

Truth be told, it makes me feel proud (and a tad superior!) to be that disciplined.

Anyway, the weekend is upon and be well,

Jane Doh!