Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stabilization...1 year, 145 days...+2.9lbs

Slowly but surely, I'm inching my way back to my goal weight. Amazed I lost anything last week. Friends were up for the weekend and it was all about food and cocktails. I tried to moderate my eating, but I am still quite shocked that I fared as well as I did. Here is to HCG and my new metabolism.

Trying to work and not keep one eye on the Red Sox. So much for a "dream team." More like a nightmare...0-5...yes, we've lost every game so far...and now the Yankees come to Boston for the home opener. I. Am. Not. Feeling. The. Love. Theo.

On a brighter note, dinner tonight with my fabulous college roommates. Always worth a few grins and giggles.

Okay, no more goofing off...back to work.

Jane Doh!