Monday, June 21, 2010

Stabilization...Day 219 (7.3 mos. post HCG) -45.8, 5.9 from goal

Today, dear reader, is the official start of summer...the Solstice was at 7:58 a.m., EST. And, let me tell you, it is a scorcher (or as we New Englanders prefer to say, "It's a scah-ja!"). But I digress.

Down just shy of two more pounds since my last post...not bad...particularly since I ate (dare I say it) a wee, teeny-tiny sliver of chocolate cake yesterday...and -- DAMN! -- was it good. But happily, that did not send me on the slippery slope back to my old habits. I was quite content with my itty-bitty nosh and woke this morning to no gain! Gee, maybe all this talk of moderation really is the key, she said with a knowing wink and a nudge.

So close and yet so far, though, from breaking the 150 lbs. milestone. .9 lbs away, to be exact. I can honestly say, my scale has never seen a number such as 140-something. My ultimate goal is I am, in fact, getting there...but, gosh, I really just want to dip into the 40s...especially before I leave them! Okay, okay...I'll only be 49 this July 14, but still...I'd like to hang in that fabulous land of 140-something for a good long while and, well, get all cozy and comfy with that number. Just a little hope and dream of mine.

Need to once again go thru my wardrobe and winnow out the things that are just too darn big. When HCG and Dr. Simeons promised if I stuck to the diet faithfully that I would lose "Pounds and Inches," this was not a joke. To recap: in my one and only round (42 days, from Oct. 2 - Nov. 14, 2009), I dropped an impressive 25.3 lbs and a staggering 36" overall (most notably 7.25" off my waist). As of today, I'm down an additional 20.5 lbs. (this while consuming 1300-1400 cals per day, coupled with moderate exercise...also, limited booze (a little champagne and the occasional martini) and with the exception of yesterday, no whites (think sugar, pasta, bread, etc.)). As for the inches, my waist is currently 33" (minus 10.5"...I'm still in shock), 48" lost overall! 48" mother isn't even that tall! The other big loss areas include my belly (-8.5"), hips (-6.5"), chest (-6.25...that's all that icky back flab) and 3" gone off each of my thighs.

Anyway, it is very exciting, to say the least, but mostly it is very satisfying. I made up my mind and, for once, I really did it. Yep, I'm pretty proud of me.

Enjoy the bounty of spring produce that is out there...I know I am!

Eat and be well,

Jane Doh!